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Thoughts about Thailand . . .

For many of you who keeps up with me on Instagram, you probably have heard or know that I will be going to Thailand this Summer. For these past few months, my team and I have been preparing our hearts and mind for Thailand, but lately many things have been pondering me. It saddens me to be honest. I’ve gone to many countries, not that many but a few, yet somehow this trip to Thailand has been one of the most stressful one that I will be going to. It’s not that I’m stressed about what will be there. It’s just there are some things.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I am sure some people feel this way too, but my heart just hurts for Thailand (Laos too but as of now I am talking about Thailand). It hurts in a way where I just want to let them know that I care. For many who knows me on a personal level, knows that I love people. They know that I have a big heart of helping people rather I know those people or not. I am just a person who loves helping people. I mean yes, I am Asian, but just because my heart hurts for Thailand does not mean it doesn’t hurt for Haiti or any other countries you can name of. Anyways, that’s not the point here, Let’s focus on Thailand for now. My heart hurts for Thailand.

Many “tourists” have gone to Thailand. Many “tourists” have experienced and see how “cheap” Thailand is. Many “tourists” have abused the culture of Thailand. Many of them have done stuff that shouldn’t even be done. (Speaking about the Red Light District).

But You know what saddens me? I don’t know if the people in Thailand think that all Americans that goes to Thailand only go because they want to have sex with the young girls or go because it’s cheap. But it saddens me because that is NOT what I am going there for. I am going because I have a HEART to care and truly try to make a difference. I am going because I care for them. I may be overthinking too much and I’m sure I am, but I just want them to know that I care for them. That is why I (my team) are there. That is why it saddens me because many “tourists” have abused that relationship with Thailand.

My team and I are going there to help teach the some students / kids English. Maybe share life with them as well. We’re going because we care for them, not because it’s cheap. But so many tourists have abused that and I guess I just don’t want them to be thinking that we are going there for that. Think of it as life. We are trying to plant a seed.

For many people who have went to other countries and say it’s cheap. Please be fucking (sorry not sorry for cussing) but please be fucking respectful and HUMBLE and UNDERSTAND that to them it is NOT CHEAP. $100 in Thailand may make you the richest person there but please do understand that people who lives in Thailand do not have that kind of money. Be humble my friend. Be humble.

I guess this is a phase I will be facing a lot in the future as I am preparing myself for a Master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Studies for Grad School.

I Will keep you posted as I prepare my trip for Thailand. For those who has been helping contributing for my trip, Thank you. If you would like to help donate, shoot me a message. I can send you to a link to donate.