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Losing a Part of You Means Creating Space for Parts of Them

To experience love and losing it has taught me that loving someone goes beyond our emotions. To extensively give your heart and soul to another human being is daily committing yourself to them. It is waking up and making the conscious decision to treat them with kindness, respect, and above all – love.

Because I fell in love at such a young age, I was euphorically unaware of how to properly handle a relationship. I was under the impression that love was what dictated our actions. Foolishly, I led myself to believing that when you meet your soulmate, things will sort themselves out for which I was wrong.

But having the opportunity to meet someone and form a connection is a blessing. It is also a commitment that requires an abundance of effort. Falling in love should be easy, however, you should also be cautious.

I was taught that you cannot control who you fall in love with and although lust can be difficult to control, God taught me to guard my heart. Instead of allowing my attention to wander, I can focus on the creator. I aim to have His desires and pray to find someone who can share that vision with me.

Falling in love means sacrifice because you are no longer just thinking of yourself. It is about placing someone else’s feelings before your own and being considerate of their feelings. Falling in love means having to compromise a part of you to allow another person in. It does not mean that you completely lose yourself. But you cannot expect to incorporate someone else in your life without giving up a little.

To love someone is to make decisions everyday that will benefit both of you as a couple. It is finding the balance between holding on to who you are but letting go of some things. In that case, losing a part of you means creating space for parts of them.